SHACMAN Dealer in Mauritius Plans to Develop Electric Trucks

February 01,2020

[Message from Mauritius, by]...On December 25 2019, chinatrucks received a purchasing inquiry from Mauritius Unwl regarding BYD electric trucks. According to the customer, they are the official dealer for Shacman trucks for Mauritius island,they have just signed an agreement with Shacman truck.

SHACMAN Dealer in Mauritius Plans to Develop BYD Brand

Since August 2019 till now 23 units F3000 have been ordered in total. According to him, SHACMAN F3000 has a very positive response from end customers.

Umwl is a company dealing with eathmoving equipment.Electric is the future.They want to partner with a world leader.They would like to develop the BYD brand in Mauritius,electric bus, light truck etc. They plan to visit China if needed to discuss a plan. See if chinatrukc can help them.

Chinatrucks would like to assist in developing further cooperation between BYD and the customer and will provide you with follow-up information.

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