TECHKING Tire Performs Beyond Expection at an Indonesian Transportation Fleet

December 01,2022

Our reporter made an interview to a dump truck transportation companies which transport the calcium carbonate powder and sand in West Java. This company usually overloads their trucks. Because of their challenging using behaviour, it’s very difficult for suppliers to prove their tire performance in this company.Let's see how TECHKING tire perform.

According to weighbridge data, the average payload of each truck can be 40 tons. These trucks travel 524km per day. So, in total, each truck can travel 11500km when they work for 22 days every month.

The customer said they did first trial with 4 pieces of TECHKING 10.00R20 SUPER AM S 16PR. They were mounted on Jun. 28th, 2020 and demounted on Jan. 6th, 2021. In 6 months, the tire travelled 73779km in total. “This is a great achievement”, the customer told us, “usually, other brands can only reach 50000 to 55000km”. Appreciating TECHKING 10.00R20 SUPER AM S 16PR which is about 30% higher than its counterparts, the customer has more confidence in Techking Tire.

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