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July 02,2024

Recently, is delighted to interview Sam, a dedicated JAC truck user from Outapi, Namibia. Sam's company specializes in brick fabrication and sand supply to local customers, relying heavily on his JAC truck to ensure timely deliveries and cost savings by collecting and stockpile his own sand for the brick’s fabrication. Sam purchased his JAC drop side 3-ton truck in 2012 from the local dealer KDG AUTO TRANSPORT CC. It perfectly meets his business needs with a capacity of 350 bricks.
According to Sam, this JAC truck is equipped with a CY4102BZQ engine and an LG515 transmission, providing significant power. It can haul up to 3 tons of goods. He uses it to transport goods such as bricks, sand, grass, and building materials on average about 30km per day within a radius of 50km.  

What impresses Sam most about the JAC truck is its exceptional fuel efficiency compared to other brands, thanks to its supercharged nature. The truck's powerful performance is complemented by a comfortable suspension system, reliable air brake system, and optimal height that surpasses lower vehicles like the Toyota Hino, making it ideal for off-road conditions such as gravel and muddy roads during rainy seasons. "Personally, I find the JAC's reliability unmatched due to its simplified engine design, allowing me to perform routine maintenance myself. Moreover, the provision of the rear double wheel axle enables me to operate the vehicle on either 4, 5 or simply 6 wheels during emergencies." said Sam. 

The mechanical structure of JAC truck is exceptionally durable. Over the past decade, Sam has not needed to refurbish the cargo bed, unlike counterparts with wooden beds that require frequent maintenance, especially after rainy seasons. Even when fully loaded, his JAC truck operates smoothly without any issues, highlighting its robust build and reliability under challenging operational conditions.

Sam emphasized during the interview, 'In January 2019, I was awarded a tender to deliver 15,000 bricks within a week, as the client's Toyota Dyna had clutch and transmission issues. With my JAC truck, I managed to complete the delivery in just 4 days, which significantly impressed the local community and raised interest in the JAC brand. Reflecting on the impact, Sam added, 'The JAC truck has not only supported our brick and sand business but also become a cornerstone of community services.'"

Looking ahead, Sam expresses his dream to own a brand-new JAC 3.5-ton HFC1048K-E8Q44, equipped with a Cummins B125 33 engine. He would love to say for those who are really looking for the best economical light truck, they should consider buying the JAC brand, they will really enjoy the vehicle of great performance, highest standard of quality and durability.

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