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中国卡车英文网致力于中国卡车与国际市场品牌与营销交流,成立20年来已经服务了数以万计的海外客户与国内整车及配套企业,为企业搭建互动交流的全球化平台。, established in 1999 , which is wholly invested and owned by Beijing Asian Automotive Association Co., Ltd. It is a professional commercial vehicle media that focuses on overseas communication of China trucks. For more than two decade, it has been dedicated to publishing the latest news on truck makers and parts suppliers, introducing the latest products and technology trend in the Chinese truck industry to readers around the world. It now serves both as a professional reference for overseas buyers before they purchase Chinese trucks and a consultant when they seek for before-sales/after-sales support. is committed to the globalization of China trucks and exchange of Chinese brand trucks in the international market. Since its establishment 20 years ago, it has served tens of thousands of overseas customers, domestic truck makers and parts suppliers as a global platform for enterprises to communicate.