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August 01,2022

China's pick-up exports have been growing strongly in 2022 and are becoming increasingly competitive in the global market. According to the China Automobile Association, its export volume in June alone amounted to 16,816 units, up 67.9 per cent year-on-year. And the cumulative number from January to June reached 80,899 units, increased by 58.7 per cent year-on-year.

Which brands were among the most popular in overseas markets in H1, 2022? Perhaps overseas users could bring us up to date.

No. 1: Great Wall Pickup

With an export volume of up to 20,000 units, Great Wall Pickup is a typical representative of Chinese pickup brands in overseas markets. Great Wall POER is the main model for export to overseas market. Currently, the Great Wall POER is available for sale in 50 countries across four continents, including Australia, New Zealand, Chile, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain and Egypt, with a strong market performance. Its classic WINGLE pickup has also been popular in overseas markets for many years. Great Wall has set up its own factories in many countries to assembly and help to expand its overseas markets.

Readers from Australia: I owned a Great Wall pickup when Great Wall Motors Australia (GWMA) got the P-Series launched in Australia before the end of 2020. In Australia, the pickup is mostly purchased by individuals, mainly for towing yachts or carrying some living leisure products. 

No.2 SAIC MAXUS Pickup

SAIC MAXUS pickup is among the best-selling Chinese pickup truck in overseas market. From January to June, up to 21000 units of SAIC Maxus vehicles were exported, up 146% year on year. SAIC MAXUS pickup truck was launched overseas back in 2017, made Australia and New Zealand the first overseas markets it entered, followed by Chile, the Philippines and Thailand. At present, its T70, T90 "SAIC Ox" and SAIC Ox King are not just recognized as high-end pickups in China, but also popular in many developed pickup markets around the world, including the Americas, Australia and New Zealand, and the Middle East. This year, SAIC MAXUS has been accelerating the globalization of its electric pickup trucks.

Notably, SAIC pickups use the old badge in most overseas markets, however, in Thailand, the MG badge is used instead to cater for local brand reputation. Previously, it was exposed that SAIC T70 will be sold in the Mexican market under the label of Chevrolet, namely the Chevrolet S10 MAX, which will enhance the recognition of SAIC T70 in overseas market.

Reader from Qater:

MAXUS Pickup uses cutting-edge technology and gives you a great ride experience as it offers you a keyless entry features that you can just press the start button and you’re away! (to be continued)

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