Cummins Rolls Out Two Natural Gas Engines with National VI Emission Standards

September 30,2020

On September 25, Cummins officially launched its efficient clean energy logistic power solutions at the headquarters of ZTO Express in Shanghai. It rolled out a 15-liter natural gas engine and a 12-liter one, both of which fully meet China’s National VI Emission Standards. The two engines achieve a maximum power of 550 PS and a maximum torque of 2,600 N.m.

With the new Cummins natural gas engines, logistic service providers are able to cut the emissions of carbon dioxide of each truck by 1.19 tons each year. ZTO Express, boasting 3,000 units natural gas powered trucks, is set to cutting emissions of CO2 by over 3,500 tons.

According to Cummins, its two new engines have been mounted on Dongfeng Tianlong KL trucks and flagship trucks, Foton Daimler EST & GTL trucks, SHACMAN X5000 trucks, and JAC K7 trucks.

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