Auto Shanghai 2017: JMC’s First Heavy Truck Weilong Shows up

April 21,2017 On April 19, 2017, JMC’s first heavy truck shows up at Shanghai Autoshow. At the press release conference themed under “Hero, Expeditions”, JMC announces that it officially moves into heavy trucks by introducing the first heavy with Ford’s technology. JMC’s first entry into heavy truck market represents another breakthrough it made in the commercial vehicle field, enabling JMC to provide a full range of logistics solutions for variants including pickup, light bus, light truck and heavy truck and strengthening its competitiveness in the commercial vehicle field. 

Auto Shanghai 2017: JMC's First Heavy Truck Weilong Shines at the Show
In order to achieve the target of developing all different types of products, JMC spends a lot to introduce advanced Ford technology from Europe and establish a brand new production and R&D base in Taiyuan. JMC develops the heavy-duty truck including tractor, cargo truck and dumper on three different platforms. 

JMC’s first heavy truck uses Ford Cargo engine, driving cab and chassis. Ford’s lastest Otosan heavy duty engine permits perfect power delivery, reduces fuel consumption. According to MIIT data, the truck can save more than 10% fuel compared with the truck of its kind and the emission of oxynitride is 30% lower than China National Ⅴ emission standard. 
Auto Shanghai 2017: JMC's First Heavy Truck Weilong Shines at the Show
The heavy-duty truck can meet the customers’ demand for intelligence by providing them with vehicle monitor, fuel consumption management, cargo dispatch and driver behavior analysis. It helps users to check the vehicle status, improve transportation efficiency and reduce your fuel costs and other operational costs. 

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