Weichai New Energy CV 2024 Global Strategic Partner Conferencece Held in China

April 29,2024

In recent years, the global commercial vehicle market has regained its growth momentum against the backdrop of a slow economic recovery in the post epidemic era. At the same time, five emerging trends of "new market, new energy, new technology, new mode and new segment" have also provided new opportunities for Chinese commercial vehicle enterprises. On 28th April 2024, Weichai New Energy Commercial Vehicle 2024 Global Strategic Partnership Conference with the theme of "HIGH-TECH LANDKING, WIN-WIN WORLDWIDE" was successfully held in Qingdao, China. The conference aims to bring together global strategic partners, incorporate the global co-operation thinking of communal wisdom, co-creation and win-win, and assist global partners in developing business models so as to create a sustainable, low-carbon win-win future with higher value.
Weichai New Energy CV 2024 Global Strategic Partner Conferencece Held in China

Weichai New Energy CV 2024 Global Strategic Partner Conferencece Held in China

Weichai New Energy Commercial Vehicle, as one of the core division of Weichai Group's vehicle and engine-led growth strategy, has a solid industrial foundation and unique business model. With advanced intelligent manufacturing, technological innovation and ecological resource integration capabilities, it is capable of promoting the upgrading of transport facilities with intelligent innovation, expanding its global footprint by empowering diverse energy strategy with science and technology. Over the years, Weichai has been committed to building the world's leading commercial vehicle brand to lead China's commercial vehicle industry towards a new era of green logistics, and to make greater contributions to global green logistics and sustainable development.

Weichai New Energy CV 2024 Global Strategic Partner Conferencece Held in China

Embracing change by accurately judging the overall situation. Chen Wei xiong, CEO of Weichai New Energy Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd, provided an insight for the "2024 Global Strategy and Operation Work Report" at the conference. He said: “As one of the core division of Weichai Group, a world-renowned multinational group of high-end equipment, Weichai New Energy Commercial Vehicles has been continuously accelerating the iterative upgrading of its products by providing a wide range of energy mix in its product layout for different scenarios. We have brought together the world's top R&D resources to ensure the industry's first-class product development capabilities. Meanwhile, Weichai New Energy Commercial Vehicle provides customers with all-round service guarantees through a standardized and efficient order delivery system, an integrated strategy of localized sales and service, as well as the implementation of localized nationwide after-sales warranty. In addition, we actively seek the deep integration of industry and finance to provide solid financial support for business development. With a professional KD team, we provide customers with one-stop service solutions such as DKD, SKD and CKD to meet their diverse needs and contribute to the booming global commercial vehicle market.”

Weichai New Energy CV 2024 Global Strategic Partner Conferencece Held in China

Yang Zizhen, General Manager of Overseas Sales Company of Weichai New Energy Commercial Co., Ltd. presented a "2024 Global Marketing Work Report" and said: " In 2024, we will make every effort to promote the coordinated development of the new energy business, set a new benchmark for Chinese brands going overseas, deepen cooperation, and create a win-win situation for all parties with a more efficient channel support strategy. In the development of new energy market, we will increase investment in active marketing, adhere to the strategy of innovation-driven and brand upgrading, and at the same time, we will take "Brand Going Global" as the strategic direction to dominate the market changes and demonstrate to the world the strong strength of "Made in China". We are building a high-quality and efficient overseas service system by introducing industry-leading differentiated service policy and integrating channel resources. In addition, we have launched four major policies, ie store support, service support, product promotion, and excellent recognition, to make the dealers stronger and bigger, and to jointly build up the No. 1 brand in the light truck segment.

Weichai New Energy CV 2024 Global Strategic Partner Conferencece Held in China

At the conference, LANDKING Series New Products were launched globally during the same period. Weichai New Energy Commercial Vehicle brings together global users with high value, provides them with all-round, all-scene, optimal TCO product solutions and helps them realize value growth through the continuous introduction of industry-leading products.

Mr. Yu Lang, CTO of Weichai New Energy Commercial Vehiclesthen made an in-depth interpretation of "2024 Global Product Innovation Work Report" in two aspects: product platform planning and R&D capability, and global product layout.一.In terms of product platform planning and R&D capability, there are two product series covering fuel and new energy, with GVW of 2.5-18 tons.The collaborative development capability of Weichai Group's seven R&D centers ensures the achievement of high-quality products. It also adopts the world's top powertrain technology and performs rigorous testing and professional verification in pursuit of high-quality products. 二. In terms ofglobal product layout, it has made a comprehensive layout of the product line in the overseas market to achieve high-quality overseas expansion. Different configurations are also available to suit the needs of different regions.

For example, the exclusive CIS-alpine configuration designed for cold weather; Americas-safe and reliable across all power ranges, featuring technology, style and extra-long range; West Asia and North Africa - designed for operation at high temperatures; Southeast Asia-Multi wheelbase options, support for bus conversion, with new energy exclusive platform, offer left and right-hand driving options; right hand Alliance - exclusive development etc. We also provide exclusive Tier III bus chassis modification solutions worldwide to enhance our competitiveness in the global market through continuous quality improvement and upgrading of our products and technology platforms.

At the event, Weichai New Energy Commercial Vehicles and six global strategic partners from Russia, the Philippines, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Cambodia and Chile, successfully signed cooperation agreements for a total of 3,400 new energy commercial vehicles. This cooperation marks a very important step in the globalization strategy of Weichai New Energy Commercial Vehicles. It highlights the strong influence of Weichai's new energy commercial vehicles in the global market, and also demonstrates the firm determination of the two parties to work together to create a new chapter in global logistics.

At the conference, Pan Shankao, Head of the Customer Service Department of Weichai New Energy Commercial Vehicle Customer Co., Ltd briefly introduced the service guarantees from the six aspects including the Group's advantages, channel construction, policy support, capacity building, technical support, parts support, which will bring a better service experience and create greater value for global users.

Weichai New Energy CV 2024 Global Strategic Partner Conferencece Held in China

Zhou Tao, General Manager of Weifang Business Office, Shandong Branch, China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation gave a profound interpretation of "2024 Global Financial Product Solutions" and shared a series of successful cases, providing strong financial support for overseas partners.

Weichai New Energy CV 2024 Global Strategic Partner Conferencece Held in China

In order to strengthen the cohesion of partners and jointly accelerate the pace of globalization of LANDKING, the conference released the details of "LANDKING - Superstar Award" for overseas business. In the future, Weichai New Energy Commercial Vehicle will work with its partners to struggle for realizing the dream, explore new market opportunities and create a broader space for cooperation.

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