Pickups Exhibiting at Auto China 2024

April 26,2024

After a four-year hiatus, the Beijing Auto Show was held from 25 April to 5 May, and featured the latest electric vehicle models from major automakers worldwide. Among them, pickup trucks, as a potential market segment that has gained momentum in recent years, made a big splash at this year's show and became the focus of attention for car enthusiasts and industry insiders.

What are the highlight news you may care about at the show? Next, follow our footsteps into this automotive festival!

Great Wall Motor: POER 2.4T, POER Shanhai Hi4-T

Great Wall Motor launched the global high-performance pickup truck "POER 2.4T" and officially start the pre-sale at this auto show. There are two versions: one passenger and another commercial version. POER 2.4T sets a new benchmark for passenger pickup trucks with strong power, extreme fuel efficiency, intelligent luxury, higher reliability and strong safety at its core. The 2.4T Business Edition, on the other hand, is a wealth creator for the business elite and a leader in the commercial vehicle market. It has four main features including Super Power, Super Load, Super Craftsmanship and Super Safety.

In addition, Great Wall Motor also displayed the high-end luxury off-road hybrid pickup truck - Shanhai POER Hi4-T. It combines the best of both petrol and electric vehicles to deliver a more powerful, comprehensive and reliable user experience. It demonstrates its excellence as a new energy pickup truck when handling extreme and complex scenarios.

JAC: Han Tu EV

As one of the important new products launched by JAC in 2024, Han Tu EV is positioned as a pure electric 4WD pickup truck. It has a distinctive exterior design with a closed grille, unique hunter sky eye turning lamps, making the JAC logo in the middle of the front face more sense of technology when lit up.

With regard to smart configurations, Hantu EV also works great. It is equipped with the ZhiLing 3.0 in-vehicle system, which operates smoothly without stuttering, and an intelligent voice system to provide drivers with a more convenient operating experience. The new car also supports OTA car upgrades, meaning that more new features may be available via online upgrades at a later date.

In terms of power, Hantoo EV is equipped with permanent magnet synchronous dual motors at front and rear, with the front motor having a maximum power of 70kW and a peak torque of 176N-m. And the rear motor has a maximum power of 160kW and a peak torque of 342 N·m. This power configuration enables HanTu EV to accelerate from zero to 100 km/h in eight seconds.

JMC: DaDao Dare Explorer Magic Box Edition, Da Dao Feijinag, Zhurong Z-Iron

DaDao Dare Explorer Magic Box Edition is the latest update to Dadao Dare Explorer. Its biggest highlight is the Dadao “magic box” added to the cargo section, which provides more possibilities for users. The Daredevil is positioned as the most hardcore in the DaDao family, with front and rear metal competition bars, wading hoses, a winch, and 285-width AT all-terrain tyres. These hardcore equipments further enhance its off-road capability and give it a hardcore off-road look, drawing the attention of many off-road enthusiasts at the auto show.

The Da Dao Feijiang will be an outdoor off-road pickup truck jointly created by JMC and Yunliang. The overall design appears to be very restrained in off-road vehicles, keeping the original sense as much as possible without losing its personality.

The ZhuRong Z-Iron is an adventure caravan with a single-row chassis built specifically for caravans by JMC Dadao for greater load capacity. As for the body part, it adopts all-aluminium alloy box and aviation riveting process, which makes it lightweight and strong and not easily deformed and leaked. Meanwhile, the thickness of the insulation layer has been increased by about 5cm to cut energy consumption and improve performance.

Ford Beyond: Ford Ranger

As a "professional-grade mountain tool", Ford Ranger introduced several enhancements in its core technology and intelligence. The Mountain Woods Off-Road Edition and above have been optimized specifically to off-road related software to unlock more off-road features, allowing the vehicle to be at ease with complex off-road environments. The Trailfinder Off-Road Edition is also available in a limited time offer for obsidian package to better meet the multi-scenario needs of outdoor off-road enthusiasts.

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