XCMG's 150T Overloading RO-RO Electric Tractor Rolled off the Line

January 24,2024

Recently, first 150T super-overloading RO-RO electric Tractor rolled off the line at XCMG’s port machinery manufacturing base.

Super-overloading RO-RO electric Tractor, XPT150E, is designed to haul up to 150 tonnes. It is only three meters high and has a maximum of 20% gradient when fully loaded. Coupled with the multi-mode high-torsion gooseneck lifting system, it achieves a maximum lifting height of more than 1.1 meters on the fifth wheel. This helps to improve the whole vehicle’s adaptability to most requirements of ro-ro vessels.

Compared with traditional fuel vehicles, each vehicle can reduce 14.3 tons of CO2 per year. This will provide a strong guarantee for the green and low-carbon development in the port.

Super-overloading RO-RO electric Tractor, XPT150E is co-developed by XCMG and Tianjin port.

"Tianjin Port, as one of the largest ports in northern China, receives a lot of imported cargo via the sea every day. In recent years, the demand for roll-on/roll-off tractors has increased due to a lot of ro-ro work needs to be done. Under the guidance of the national Dual Carbon strategy, Tianjin port has realized "zero-carbon" operation in all ro-ro terminals.

In the past two decades, a large number of XCMG machinery and equipment such as port machinery, loading equipment and sanitation machinery have been put into use in Tianjin Port. Nearly 100 ART AI transport robots jointly developed by the two sides have helped realize the commercial and scale operation of the fleet.

The roll-on/roll-off tractor is the result of half year's dedication between the two parties and a testament to their profound win-win relationship.

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