Up, Up, Up! Foton's Overseas Sales Totalled 30341 Units in H1, Up 67.7% YoY

July 31,2021      chinatrucks.com


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Up, Up, Up! Foton's Overseas Sales Totalled 30341 Units, Up 67.7% YoY

Sales increased 18.5% YOY to 4170 units in January.

Sales was up 74% YOY to 4106 units in Febuary.

Sales was up 9.5% YoY to 5550 units in March.

Sales jumped 131% YoY to 5005 units in April.

Sales totaled 5500 units, surging 166% year on year in May.

Sales was up 101.7% to 6010 units in June.

Light truck sales in Chile is up 355% YoY.

Market share in America keeps going up.

For two consecutive years, Foton has been ranking the first place in the market of trucks with six wheels in Philippines.

Foton was among the top three players in the truck market in Philippines.

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