GWM: 18069 Units Pickups Sold Worldwide in April

May 08,2024


Content Validity:GWM Sales Worldwide in April 18069 Units

with a market share of about 50%

Leader in the pickup truck market

For every two pickups sold in China, one is from GWM.

GWM sold 18069 pickups worldwide in April

GWM POER achieved sales of 14231 units

YOY growth 10.5% MOM Growth 17.6%

For 43 months, POER has sold more than 10,000 units per month.

POER’s total sales exceeded 580,000 units.

Make it a champion in pickup sales

Pickups’ overseas sales had reached 4979 units in April.

YOY growth 33.6% MOM Growth 44.7%

hitting a record high

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