Test Drive Weichai LANDKING EPRO NEV Light Truck

April 02,2024      chinatrucks.com


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The feeling I had after the test was that it was full of technology.

Shifts are very smooth when starting up and braking.

It brings me a very comfort driving experience.

We tested it on rough roads and found the vehicle to be smooth when speeds up or brakes.

We used to worry that batteries don't have enough capacity for journeys. But this truck comes with an intensive 135 kWh battery that removes our anxiety.

The 135 kWh battery is very friendly for cold chain transportation. It ensures the power supply for the entire vehicle as well as for the cold engine.

With a range up to 400+, That's enough for one day operation.

It is equipped with an air brake system, making the vehicle slow down and stop smoothly.

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