SHACMAN X6000 NG Truck

December 04,2023


Content Validity:At 2024 annual business meeting, we saw a number of large horsepower natural gas trucks. Each truck on display has a large gas cylinder. Let's take this X6000 as an example. As parts of NBlue leaders, here we can see it has the painting. It is one of the series of NG trucks to be put on the market. It is powered by Weichai WP15NG Euro Ⅵ engine with a maximum power of 590HP. The most notable feature is its gas cylinder. It has three gas cyclinders with a total capacity of up to 3450L. Furthermore, it is equipped with HANDE H series axle with a transmission efficiency of 98.8%. With highly reliable design, the B10 life could reach 1.8 million km. It is suitable for express and logistics transport. We expect this truck will do an excellent job.
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