SITRAK C9H-H Super High Cab

September 15,2023


Content Validity:Oh, What model is this cab?

That's right. This is the SITRAK C9H-H super high cab.

It is known as the most luxurious cab of SINOTRUK.

Let's get close to see how the personnel introduce the cab.

It's the most advanced cab we've ever built.

It is 2 meters high inside and enables a person to stand up in there.

It has been properly insulated and are soundproof. we can see the noise heat insulation foam here.

In addition, the front grille can remove some noise and vibration coming from the chassis.

It is equipped with enhanced version of air conditioner and heater.

We've left a warm air outlet for heater at the back. In the extremely cold regions of northern China, the indoor temperature can reach 20 degrees Celsius when the outside temperature is about 30 degrees celsius below zero.

Some user-friendly configruations like Wireless Charging phone holder, coffee machine, tray table at the co-pilot which you can Press in or pull out, water dispenser and refrigerator.

The berth is made of 3D fabric material and is very comfortable to sit on. Our dashboard is made of a slush moulding plastic. The passenger seat has a soft armrest with swivel adjustable feature. Also, we have an electronic rear-view mirror that will be on the market by the end of this year. What is the highlights of this E-mirror? The mirror gets smaller, lowering the wind resistance while ensuring a better view. In the past, the mirror would have blocked part of the view, but now this mirror greatly reduces the blind spot of the A-pillar. Your eyes will be blinded for a moment in bad weather or when entering or exiting a tunnel,But Now you can avoid this situation by looking at rear view mirror through display screen. Here is the steering wheel with side airbags. This is the most advanced cab we've ever built.

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