HOWO T7S for Africa and Southeast Asia is Coming

September 07,2023


Content Validity:The truck next to me is HOWO T7S, which is mainly targeted at Africa and Southeast Asia. HOWO T7S was introduced to replace the HOWO 7, which was previously launched for overseas markets.
Upgraded Cab: The cab has been upgraded in an all-round way. With brand-new appearance and luxurious interior, the cab integrates humanization, comfort and intelligent design to be more fashionable and technological. 
Upgraded power system: WP series four-valve engine is adopted to produce strong power, save fuel and improve efficiency. 
pgraded reliability: while maintaining the reliability of the original HOWO series classis, it is upgraded and provided with the MAN single-axle and double-axle to meet the needs of different working conditions. It has a three-stage bumper to increases the passing ability in Africa. 
 We expects it to be a big seller in Africa and Southeast Asia. 
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