FOTON AUMAN Galaxy Offers You a VIP Driving Experience

November 01,2022


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Without a comfortable driving environment, truck drivers can easily get various occupational diseases such as cervical spondylosis, lumbar spondylosis and stomach diseases during a long distance trip, So, how to avoid this situation? All you need is just a comfortable heavy duty truck.Look here!

Wow Cool!

Unlike other high horsepower heavy trucks,AUMAN Galaxy brings you a VIP driving experience and always puts users first. With a stylish and fantastic look,Auman Galaxy not only delivers a powerful output of 660 hp, but also has a comfortable cab with great attention to details.

Speaking of the cab, let's start with the Grammer seats. It is developed based on the new 115 platform and can be heated and ventilated. The seat lumbar, shoulder angles, as well as the damping and the backward angle can be adjusted at will, which largely relieves the fatigue of the driver on the way. For those who care about health, Auman has thoughtfully designed a hot and cold cup holder under the cab. Here there is a button to adjust. With this, they can have hot water in winter and cold water in summer.

To make it easier for dirvers to eat, there is a tray table that can be pulled out and in.Always Keep the driver's comfort in mind, I gave this design a big thumbs-up. After the meal, of course, they may want to take a break, and the interior of the Auman Galaxy is like a second home to the driver.

It is equipped with a PM2.5 air filtration system, so that the smell of smoke and odour can drift out. The sleeper berth I am now sitting on is 1010mm in width. Let me lie down to show you. There is very much room left for a person to turn over freely.This helps to relieve fatigue after a long trip. Other devices include large 12.3 plus 10" dual LCD screens, 4-spoke multifunction steering wheel, wireless phone charging device, multiple power switches and coat hook. All these thorougly show the luxury of Auman Galaxy.

Who could remain unmoved when seeing such a truck with so many user-friendly designs?

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