Mid-Year Pickup Market Report: JAC Exports Up 13%, JMC Exceed 36,000 Units

July 10,2024

According to the latest data, the pickup truck market showed a January increase year-on-year, while the following months witnessed varying degrees of decline. Will June see further declines? Which companies managed to increase their sales? Let's delve into the mid-year performance of Great Wall, JAC, and JMC pickup trucks.

Great Wall Pickup Trucks: Nearly 100,000 Units Sold Globally in the First Half, Overseas Sales Exceed 24,200 Units, Up 7%

As reported by Great Wall's official WeChat account, from January to June this year, global sales of Great Wall pickup trucks totaled 91,916 units, with nearly 50% of the domestic market share, continuously proving that "for every two pickups sold in China, one is a Great Wall." In the fiercely competitive overseas markets, Great Wall pickup trucks achieved cumulative sales of 24,200 units from January to June, a 7.3% year-on-year increase, maintaining their leading position in Chinese brand export sales.

Notably, the globally positioned intelligent luxury pickup, the Great Wall POER, has consistently achieved monthly sales exceeding 10,000 units for 45 consecutive months, firmly establishing itself as the top-selling pickup."

Notably, the globally positioned intelligent luxury pickup, Great Wall POER, has maintained monthly sales above 10,000 units for 45 consecutive months, reigning as the top-selling pickup. Within 4 years and 10 months, the cumulative sales of Great Wall POER surpassed 600,000 units, marking it as the first Chinese pickup brand to achieve this milestone and setting a new benchmark for speed in Great Wall's history. Great Wall pickup trucks have held the title of best-selling pickup for 26 consecutive years, with global cumulative sales exceeding 2.6 million units.

JAC Pickup Trucks: Continued Sales Growth in June, Global Sales Reach 28,600 Units, Up 2.2% in the First Half

According to the latest sales data from JAC, JAC pickup trucks sold 4,830 units in June, a 1.3% year-on-year increase. In the first half of this year, JAC achieved cumulative global sales of 28,600 units, a 2.2% increase year-on-year. It's worth noting that JAC pickup trucks showed positive year-on-year growth in three months of the first half: March, May, and June, with growth rates of 8.86%, 38.43%, and 1.3% respectively. Compared to the overall pickup market performance, JAC's sales performance in certain months has been particularly impressive. Despite the overall likely decline in actual sales in the first half of the year, JAC pickup trucks achieved a 2.2% growth, leading the industry.

In the complex and evolving global market environment of the first half of this year, with China's economic adjustments, the pickup truck market faced numerous challenges and intense competition. JAC pickup trucks have actively responded to market challenges by continuously deepening their presence in domestic and international markets, thus achieving steady sales growth. In May, JAC celebrated the production of its 300,000th pickup truck, marking a milestone in Jianghuai Automobile Group's 60th anniversary. In the international market, JAC delivered a batch of vehicles to Saudi industrial customers in January, expanded into the entire Gulf region pickup market, successfully entered the Australian market with the high-end JAC T6 pickup in March, and officially launched in the Mexican market in May, with bulk deliveries to the Kyrgyzstan national power grid. It is reported that JAC pickup truck exports in the first half of the year increased by 12.9%.

JMC Pickup Trucks: June Sales of 6,577 Units, Cumulative Sales Up 33% Year-on-Year in the First Half

According to the latest production and sales data released by Jiangling Motors Corporation (JMC), in June, the company sold 6,577 pickup trucks, an increase of 35.47% year-on-year. In the first half of this year, JMC accumulated sales of 36,579 pickup trucks, a 33.43% increase year-on-year. From the data, whether in June or in the first half of the year, JMC's performance in pickup truck sales has been outstanding.

According to public disclosures by JMC, approximately 30% of the company's sales are from exports. JMC continues to focus on the overseas market, establishing and improving its international marketing and service system, consolidating and expanding its key markets in countries and regions, cultivating automotive exports as a new growth point for corporate development. Recently, JMC's DADAO pickup trucks successfully entered the Ecuadorian police vehicle market, achieving a batch delivery of pickup police cars. Since landing in Latin American markets such as Chile, Mexico, and Peru in October 2023, DADAO pickup trucks have accumulated nearly 4,500 orders.

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