Exports of Pickups Reached 22,892 Units in May

June 18,2024

The sales data for pickups in May has been released. According to the latest figures, in May 2024, domestic pickup sales amounted to 24,004 units, marking a 7.5% year-on-year decline. From January to May 2024, cumulative terminal sales totaled 123,033 units, reflecting a cumulative year-on-year decrease of 14.8%. Additionally, statistics from the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM) show that in May, exports of domestically produced pickups reached 22,892 units, representing a substantial 48.9% year-on-year increase. Cumulatively from January to May, exports totaled 98,781 units, indicating a cumulative year-on-year growth of 50.6%.

In the top 10 list of automobile companies, several have seen declines in sales, but certain brands continue to grow, such as JMC Pickup, Foton Pickup, and Chang‘an Pickup, indicating persistent potential in the pickup truck market. Great Wall Pickup maintains its lead in market share. Recently, GWM Motors updated its lineup, enhancing competitiveness with the introduction of the 2.4T+9AT powertrain combination across its products. Meanwhile, JMC Pickup's sales in May continued to show steady growth. It is reported that in the second half of the year, JMC will launch revamped models across its DaDao series, including the DaDao EV and the specialized DaDao Mountain Edition, aiming to further boost sales. In contrast, joint venture brands are facing greater sales pressure compared to domestic brands. Currently, Zhengzhou Nissan is striving to develop its new pickup product, the P20, while Jiangxi Isuzu is actively responding to the national "cash-for-clunkers" subsidy policy, hoping to make breakthroughs in the fierce market competition.

It is notable that in May, Foton's pickup trucks saw the largest increase in sales. Since its official launch in August 2023, the Mars pickup truck has been experiencing rapid sales growth, driving up Foton's monthly sales and market share. Despite being on the market for only 9 months, the Mars pickup truck has already accounted for more than half of Foton's total sales volume. Meanwhile, the new energy brand, RADAR Pickup, achieved significant growth in cumulative sales from January to May, with electric pickup trucks entering more households.

In sharp contrast to the downturn in the domestic market, the export volume of pickup trucks surged 48.9% year-on-year, with a cumulative increase of up to 50.6% from January to May, as Chinese domestic pickup truck manufacturers, such as Changan Automobile, SAIC-Maxus, Great Wall Motor, and JAC, intensified their efforts to explore overseas markets. Overall, exports have become a crucial driving force behind the growth in domestic pickup truck sales, sharing an equal footing with domestic sales volumes. This trend underscores the growing importance of overseas markets for Chinese pickup truck manufacturers.

Regarding to specific brands, most pickup truck brands saw significant increases in export volumes in May compared to the same period last year. Brands like Changan, JAC, SAIC-Maxus, Foton, and JMC all recorded notable growth. Of particular interest, the BYD SHARK, which had its global debut in mid-May in Mexico, achieved over 400 units in export sales within just two weeks. Feedback from overseas social media regarding the BYD SHARK has been quite positive, indicating the significant influence of BYD pickups in the global market.

In terms of powertrain types, diesel-powered pickup trucks dominate the market, especially the four-wheel-drive models, which significantly outsell two-wheel-drive counterparts. Despite relatively low overall sales, pure electric pickup trucks are expected to grow in the future due to increasing environmental awareness and technological advancements. Additionally, hybrid products are making their way into the consumer market, offering diversified choices to consumers.

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