SANY 2022 Lightweight Mixer Came into the Market

January 25,2022

SHAOYANG, CHINA, January 25( --On January 11, SANY’s new generation of lightweight mixer truck was rolled off the production line in Shaoyang.

In response to "double carbon" strategy, SANY has performed over 40 transformations and upgrades on the whole vehicle in tems of fuel saving and light weight design and more.

The mixer truck is made of high-strength aluminum alloy and non-metal materials and adopts 12 additional lightweight technologies to ensure that it can comply with regulatory requirements.

The mixer truck can cut the fuel consumption by 10% and improve operation efficiency by 10% because of the latest DEUTZ D09 engine which is purpose-built for this mixer trucks and the advanced core components. 

In addition to the lightweight mixer, the latest Deutz D09 was also launched into the market. It has a remarkable ability to adapt to various conditions thanks to the comprehensive upgrading being performed to its core components, vehicle thermal management technology and ultra-high-pressure fuel injection technology.

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