Dongfeng Delivered 100 Dongfeng Cummins LNG-powered Trucks

September 10,2021

CHONGQING, CHINA, Sep. 7, 2021 / -- On September, 7, 100 Dongfeng trucks fuelled by LNG were delivered to a branch company of Chongqing Haijiayuan logistics for coal transport operations, which bring the number of trucks in its fleet to 310 units. Chongqing Haijiayuan logistics is a company principlely engaged in sales of bulk cement, mining and transportation of sand and gravel materials.
Dongfeng Delivered 100 Cummins LNG-powered Trucks

As our company is expanding its business, we need to add more trucks to our fleet. We chose Dongfent trucks because it offers excellent fuel consumption, greater levels of quality and reliability than similar products from other manufacturers” said drivers from Haijiayuan logistics.

The 100 LNG trucks delivered this time are fitted with Dongfeng Cummins engine. Powered all by a Dongfeng Cummins Z15N engine that was supposed to deliver fuel economy and strong power,these trucks will assist Chongqing Haijiayuan logistics in the development of its business.

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