Zoomlion’s 73m Pump Truck Exported to Singapore

April 03,2024

Zoomlion recently delivered three new-generation of 73-meter boom pumps to Singapore to support local development. This is the longest boom pump truck currently operating in Singapore and the longest one the company has exported overseas.

Hongyang Construction, the company to which the pump trucks were delivered, has been working with Zoomlion for years. They have dozens of pump truck "flagship products" in operation and saying: “Lingyun pump trucks are of good quality and excellent performance, last year we got 70m pump trucks. This year we got three more 73m pump trucks as soon as the new product came out ”.

Singapore is considered to be the most important financial, trade and shipping center in Asia. A large number of urban high-rise buildings are under construction there. There is an increasing demand for high-strength, high-grade concrete and volume concrete pouring construction. Zoomlion's new-generation "Lingyun" 73-meter pump truck is the longest, most stable, strongest, most economical, safest and most energy-saving pump truck, which fully meets the needs of local customers and is known as the "Hexagonal Warrior".

According to reports, the new generation of 73-meter Lingyun pump truck is 16 meters long, with high passability and small operating space. It adopts a new low resistance pumping mechanism, which makes the suction efficiency increase by more than 15%. Equipped with dual vibration damping system for boom vertical and slewing, it is stable and easy to maneuver. The newly developed sixth-generation energy-saving technology allows the engine to always work in the energy-saving range, resulting in a 15 percent reduction in overall fuel consumption. It can also be equipped with Zoomlion's industry-first one-man operation assistance system to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Zoomlion's concrete pumping machinery has always ranked first in Singapore in terms of market share and has a strong influence in Southeast Asia. The 2023 Annual Report showed that Zoomlion's overseas revenue amounted to RMB17.905 billion, a year-on-year increase of 79.2%, which further increased the proportion of overseas revenue to 38.04%, a record high. These figures show that Zoomlion's overseas business presents a strong growth trend and has come into full force.

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