Foton Motor Exhibited in Mexico’s Transport Suppliers Expo 2021

August 12,2021

Monterrey, Mexico, August 12th, 2021 –The Transport Suppliers Expo 2021 officially kicked off in Mexico from August 4 to 6 as scheduled in northern city of Monterrey. It is the most important transport industry event in the north of the country. More than 300 exhibitors including auto makers, distributors and transport logistics service companies participated in the activities and showcased their latest products.
Foton Motor Exhibited in Mexico’s Transport Suppliers Expo 2021

As an exhibitor attending the show for the first time, Foton Motor showcased its product portfolio ranging from AUMAN EST-A, AUMAN EST-M and light-duty electric truck at this exhibition, catching much attention of media and industry customers.

On the exhibition scene, Foton personnel provided a fairly detailed introduction to customers on the vehicles’ advantages such as high-end technology, comfort ride experience, fuel saving, as well as enhanced vehicle safety and worry-free service. It also invited its customers to do a test drive on the following day and visit its 4S store and after-sales service center in Monterrey, which has the capacity to hold 11 buses or trucks and provide them with  after-sales services. Besides that, Foton Motor has also been working closely with Cummins, ZF and other parts suppliers on providing its Mexican clients with high-quality and efficient after-sales support.

This exhibition has come to a successful conclusion. Foton Motor said attending such an industry expo will help grow its presence and footprint in northern part and futher will raise its brand awareness across the entire Mexico.


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