JMC Step up Efforts to Resume Production and Business in Overseas Market

June 08,2020

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, JMC has been making all efforts to restore its production and operations while ensuring the health of all employees. “So far, our retail stores in Vietnam and Columbia have already resumed their operation. Other overseas sales distributors and retail stores are planning to open soon”, said a spokesperson from JMC.

As many countries and regions across the world have been severely affected by the COVID-19, JMC has so far donated 66,000 medical masks and 100 forehead thermometers to over 30 sales distributors in the overseas markets. In addition, it has donated ambulance vehicles to the health organizations in Egypt, Myanmar, Panama and Bolivia.

According to JMC, its vehicles and spare parts have made their way to over 110 countries and regions across the globe. So far, the company has built 50 overseas sales distributors, 291 sales centers and 272 service stations in the overseas market. In addition, it has established its operation centers in South Africa, Columbia, Vietnam, etc.

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