Liuzhou Motor Rolls Out Chenglong H7

August 20,2018

Recently, Liuzhou Motor rolled out Chenglong H7 with 580 horsepower. Aiming to further speed up the flow of goods on the road, the vehicle achieves higher fuel economy and more impressive power performances.

Liuzhou Motor Rolls Out Chenglong H7

Chenglong H7 is equipped with a rear axle with small velocity ratio and a 13L engine made by United Engines. The truck achieves a maximum torque of 2,550 N.m. When it drives at a constant speed of 85 km/h, its engine will reach a rotation speed of 1,200 rpm.

Another attraction of Chenglong H7 is its low maintenance costs as its engine only needs oil replacement every 100,000 km and its transmission gearbox requires such every 120,000 km.

Inside the driver’s cockpit, Chenglong H7 offers a host of travel amenities for drivers, including a refrigerator, an advanced air-conditioning system, etc. (

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