Foton Rolls out Xiangling V Mini Truck

June 19,2018

Shortly after the debut Foton Xiangling M, Foton rolled out Xiangling V. Equipped with 1.2 L and 1.5 L engines for passenger vehicles, Foton Xiangling V achieves higher reliability and higher fuel economy. In addition, it generates less noise and is able to speed up faster. Assuming a uniquely fashionable appearance, it boasts much spacious room for both drivers and passengers. Thanks to its front and rear suspensions, vibration absorbers, it achieves higher maneuverability and stability.
Foton Rolls out Xiangling V Mini Truck

Having successfully passed a number of stringent tests, Foton Xiangling series mini trucks have improved by its reliability by 33%.

Also worth mentioning is that Foton Xiangling V adopts advanced braking system, which is able to cut down on the braking distances. (

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