SINOTRUK Showcases Its Leading Products at Hong Kong Autoshow

June 16,2017 Recently, the first Hong Kong Autoshow is opened in Hong Kong Convention Center. The autoshow aims to bridge an international cooperative platform for upstream and downstream of automobile industry and create more export opportunities for Chinese manufacturers in response to the strategy of “Chinese made 2025” and the “Belt and Road” and following the target of “creating an import and export platform for Asia-Pacific automobile industry”. Many Chinese manufacturers like SINOTRUK, SAIC attend the autoshow.

SINOTRUCK Showcase Its Leading Products at Hong Kong Autoshow

As a Chinese national heavy truck brand, SINOTRUK brings 3 classic models including HOWO-T7 10x4 mixer, T5G 4x2 cargo van equipped with ALLISON transmission, raising much attention from distinguished guests. At the same time, in the site, SINOTRUK displays its achievements of a smart SINOTRUK and intelligent truck via video. The three-day autoshow attracts many people to visit SINOTRUK’s booth and helps to reach a lot of cooperation and orders.

SINOTRUCK Showcase Its Leading Products at Hong Kong Autoshow

During the autoshow, the MOFCOM organizes several activities to promote Chinese brands. SINOTRUK (HONG KONG) as the only representative of Chinese heavy truck brand shares how it explores overseas markets and yields good results in self researched products under the guidance of the “Belt and Road” at the “Chinese Automobile Industry Brand Promotion Forum”.

SINOTRUCK Showcase Its Leading Products at Hong Kong Autoshow

As a window to the world, HONG KONG has a mature, saturated and competitive automobile market and thus raises extremely high requirements on attendance and usage frequency for vehicles. SINOTRUK has maintained the No.1 position in Hongkong market among all Chinese heavy truck brands and accumulated to sell almost 600 heavy trucks.

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