FOTON Launches an Upgraded Product Lineup and New Strategy in Brazil

June 20,2024

From June 17th to 19th, Foton Brazil 2024 Dealer Conference, themed "Together Win Future" took place in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Representing a solid step forward in Foton's strategic expansion in Brazil, the company officially launched a new lineup of commercial vehicles, expanded its dealer network, and introduced new service strategies. Foton also unveiled a new chapter in its Brazilian operations with the introduction of pickup truck models featuring innovative technologies and design language. This initiative demonstrated FOTON’s steadfast commitment to innovation and expanding its product portfolio.
During the event, Foton Brazil launched its full value chain development strategy. As a crucial part of the "New Foton, New Value" lean operations initiative in Brazil, the "New Quality Product Force" strategy was officially unveiled, introducing four new vehicle models: medium-duty trucks, light-duty trucks, mini trucks, and pickup trucks. These products have undergone rigorous testing to meet Euro 6 emission standards and are equipped with advanced safety and performance technologies. With highly competitive pricing, they are poised to meet the diverse transportation needs of the Brazilian market.

The light-duty trucks will undergo a comprehensive upgrade to the AUMARK S 315 model, utilizing Foton's latest "Multi-Energy Shared Platform" technology. This advancement enables the vehicle to meet future demands for various technological pathways including fuel, hybrid, electric, and hydrogen fuel options. Featuring modular, integrated, and carbon reduction capabilities, the AUMARK S 315 achieves a significant enhancement in reliability, efficiency, and safety.

It's important to note that both versions of the AUMARK S 315 light-duty truck feature ZF transmissions. Specifically, the AUMARK S 315 AMT variant utilizes advanced automatic transmission technology to provide users with a smooth shifting experience, thereby reducing driver fatigue and improving driving comfort.
Foton also launched the full-size pickup TUNLAND V series, equipped with its latest diesel hybrid technology. This series not only features a luxurious sedan-grade double-wishbone multi-link suspension system but also boasts luxurious interiors and exceptional quietness in performance. The lineup includes two distinct models, V7 and V9, each offering personalized exterior design languages. These innovations aim to infuse local pickup culture with new genes, bringing a new lifestyle to customers.Additionally, Foton unveiled its new mini truck brand WONDER and the new medium-duty truck model AUMAN D, signifying Foton's comprehensive coverage of the "last mile" and other urban short-distance logistics markets in Brazil. This expansion not only enhances Foton's product competitiveness in the Brazilian market but also reflects Foton's insight and forward-looking strategy for future market demands.

In terms of operational strategy, Foton has a clear and ambitious plan. In addition to the current product lineup, Foton plans to introduce heavy-duty and extra-heavy-duty trucks, as well as more electric and hybrid commercial vehicles, into the Brazilian market. Concurrently, the company aims to strengthen its dealer network in Brazil, with plans to expand to 50 dealerships by the end of 2024 and establish a network of over 100 dealerships within the next five years.

With the booming business in the Brazilian market and the continuous growth in demand for its products, FOTON also plans to introduce its production chain directly into Brazil. This strategy involves utilizing the local network of parts suppliers and setting up manufacturing facilities, so as to provide higher-quality products and services to the local and neighboring markets, and to promote the prosperity and development of the local economy.

In terms of service, as part of Foton's strategic plan for the Brazilian market, the company is establishing a comprehensive after-sales service system to build its service brand in Brazil. This initiative aims to enhance Foton's service capabilities and increase customer satisfaction in the Brazilian market. Currently, Foton has implemented a range of high-quality after-sales service policies, such as offering customers who purchase the AUMARK S series trucks a three-year or 100,000-kilometer free inspection program.

Creating brilliance through strength and leading the future with technology, Foton has always been committed to providing global customers with high-quality and efficient transportation solutions. The launch of Foton's new strategic initiative in the Brazilian market not only demonstrates its precise understanding of future trends in the commercial vehicle market but also signifies the company's accelerated global market expansion. Looking ahead, Foton will continue to deepen its presence in the Brazilian market, contributing more to the local transportation industry with outstanding product quality, a comprehensive service network, and innovative marketing strategies.

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