Skywell Participated in Shanghai Int'l Carbon Neutrality Expo

June 06,2024

On May 8, the 2024 Shanghai International Carbon Neutral Technology, Products and Achievements Expo(or International Carbon Neutral Expo), opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center.
Skywell participated in the Expo together with Shanghai Nofa Environmental Technology Co. to showcase their latest green technology achievements. The two new energy vehicles exhibited by Skywell——NJL5180ZXXTADBEV all-electric carriage removable garbage truck and NJL5180ZYSTADBEV all-electric compressed garbage truck, got a lot of public attention at the Expo.
NJL5180ZXXTADBEV all-electric carriage removable garbage truck adopts the design of embedding the top body into the chassis, making it lightweight and stable. The sucken hook arm ensures uniform load-bearing. With a large capacity but a short wheelbase, it’s easy to pass through city streets. It also comes with an intelligent electro-hydraulic double protection system that ensures it work environmentally friendly, intelligent and efficient.

NJL5180ZYSTADBEV all-electric compressed garbage truck, on the other hand, combines the beauty of buses with the practicality of sanitation vehicles. It features a low step design that increases the volume to 15 cubic meters and the load capacity to 7.1 tons, making it more efficient. The unique design of this compartment helps minimize residue in the garage and allows for self-cleaning to maintain a clean environment.

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