EV Version of JAC Hunter Pickup Truck

May 22,2024

The new Hunter EV is an all-electric mid-sized pickup truck with dual front and rear motors. It features an all-wheel drive system with a maximum torque of 516 N-m and a CLTC cruising range of over 505 kilometers. 

In terms of dimension, it measures 5330mm in length 1965mm in width and 1920mm in height, and the cargo box size is 1520mm*1590mm*470mm. The semi-closed induction rims are very innovative, which not only take into account the heat dissipation performance, but also reduce wind resistance and wind noise. The charging socket is located on the right side of the cargo box, supporting both fast and slow charging.

The cargo box is relatively traditional, with a new style of split door. Inside the cargo box, there is an external power socket with 3.3KW intelligent external discharge function. In addition, the new Hunter EV also supports V2G (discharge to grid) and V2L (220V discharge) external discharge functions to meet the power needs in different scenarios.

As the latest intelligent pure electric four-wheel drive pickup truck, JAC's all-new Hunter EV is not only built on the exclusive platform architecture of medium and large intelligent passenger pickup trucks, but also has the industry's unique 2 vertical and 9 transverse cross-section stacked welded trapezoidal frame, collapse energy-absorbing front compartment layout, and high-strength steel cage body, which meets the ANCAP five-star safety standard. The intelligent four-wheel drive system has front and rear dual motors, a maximum torque of 516N·m, and an acceleration of 0-100km/h in 8 seconds, which can easily cope with various road conditions.

In order to alleviate the concern about the range of mileage, JAC's new Hunter EV adopts the latest lithium iron phosphate battery from CATL, with a battery capacity of 88KWh, a CLTC pure electric mileage of more than 500km. Moreover, in the case of fast charging, the battery only takes about 30 minutes from 30%-80%, and the highly integrated all-in-one power domain control battery pack technology and liquid-cooled battery technology make the vehicle battery pack IP68 dustproof and waterproof, with longer battery life and safer.

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