Shandong Heavy Industry Generated Export Revenue of 8.3 billion in Jan., up 41%

February 22,2024

With a total operating revenue of 39.5 billion, profit of 1.5 billion and industrial output of ¥6.5 billion, Shandong Heavy Industry posted strong performance in the first month of 2024.

In the first month of the new year, SINOTRUK, a subsidiary of Shandong Heavy Industry, exported more than 13,000 heavy-duty trucks, setting a new high for the number of monthly exports in the heavy truck industry. It generated ¥4.3 billion in export revenue, up 46% year-on-year. It succeeded in breaking the monopoly of European automakers by signing an order for 700 high-end commercial vehicles in Australia. The hot sales of heavy trucks also drive the production and sales of Weichai engines. 1000 sets of Weichai engines are being produced in the workshop, which will be used on the Sinotruk heavy trucks and exported abroad together. In January, Weichai engine export revenue increased by 27% year-on-year.

Meanwhile, Shandong Heavy Industry's subsidiaries: Shantui realized a 42% year-on-year increase in export revenue, Zhongtong Bus saw a 28% increase in export, and Weichai Intelligent Agriculture saw a 5% increase in export. In total, Shandong Heavy Industry generated export revenue of ¥8.3 billion in Jan., up 41%.

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