FPT Industrial to Participate in IAA TRANSPORTATION 2024 in Hannover

July 11,2024

On July 9, 2024, FPT Industrial, a brand under the Iveco Group, known for designing, producing, and selling low-impact powertrain solutions, announced its participation in the IAA TRANSPORTATION 2024 Hanover International Commercial Vehicle Show. This event will be held from September 17 to 22, 2024, at the Hanover Exhibition Center in Germany. The exhibition is globally recognized as a premier trade show for the logistics, commercial vehicle, bus, and transport industries.
As a global leader in the road and industrial applications sectors, FPT Industrial aims to reaffirm its position in the road applications market and strengthen its leading role in the natural gas sector. By participating in this prominent international platform in the transportation industry, the company intends to showcase its advanced solutions in hydrogen fuel systems, as well as its comprehensive range of products including electric propulsion systems, batteries, and battery management systems tailored for commercial vehicles. This participation underscores FPT Industrial's commitment to providing efficient and high-performance solutions for OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers).

This initiative aligns perfectly with the brand's dual-pillar product strategy. On one hand, it involves ongoing investments in internal combustion engines that are more sustainable and utilize various alternative fuels. On the other hand, it extends its value chain into electrification through electric propulsion systems and energy storage solutions, positioning itself as a provider of zero-emission solutions.

Therefore, on the expanded platform at Hanover, FPT Industrial's theme will focus on partnering with suitable collaborators to support customers in the transition to new and sustainable technologies in both passenger and freight transport. Sustainability is a fundamental commitment at FPT Industrial, embedded in product development and corporate philosophy, and will be prominently showcased at the IAA 2024.

At the latest exhibition in Hanover, the brand's booth will convey the concept of carbon neutrality. This entails accounting for all elements involved in booth setup, use, and dismantling—including materials, goods and personnel transportation, and energy consumption during the event—to minimize emissions. After the exhibition, FPT Industrial will calculate the remaining emissions and offset them by purchasing carbon credits, thereby achieving carbon neutrality.

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