Qilin Battery Was Recognized as One of the Best Inventions of 2022 by TIME

January 04,2023

CATL's Qilin battery has been recently recognized by TIME as one of the best inventions of 2022.

As a giant in the power battery industry, CATL' products have been exported to all over the world. According to the latest statistics, CATL holds a 34% global market share in the battery sector. At present, CATL’s products have been exported to 55 countries and regions, with a global shipment of 400GWh and one out of every three electric vehicles in the world is equipped with batteries from CATL.

CTP 3.0 battery “Qilin,” the third generation of CATL’s CTP (cell-to-pack) technology was launched in June 2022. With a record-breaking volume utilization efficiency of 72% and an energy density of up to 255 Wh/kg, it achieves the highest integration level worldwide so far, capable of delivering a range of over 1,000 km in a breeze. Adopting large surface cooling technology of the cells, it is possible to warm the battery in 5 minutes (emergency restart function), and it supports quick charging to 80% in 10 minutes.

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