JAC Is Among the Top Chinese Truck Brands in Chile

November 28,2022

Chile – a country at the end of the world, has always been a high-end automotive market in South America for global leading truck brands like Mercedes Benz and Scania to compete. In 2021, the number of commercial vehicles sold in Chile amounted to approximately 16,900 vehicles and by the end of September 2022, the commercial vehicle market in Chile grew by 5.9% to 13,829 units.
JAC Motors Officially Introduces Its T8PRO Pickup to Global Market

JAC, a leading Chinese truck brand, has taken its root in the Chilean market for over 20 years and ended the dominance by the brands of Europe, America, Japan and South Korea and achieved a breakthrough from zero to a leader since its entry in Chile in 2008.

According to the data released by the National Automobile Association of Chile, in 2020, JAC trucks have achieved a cumulative sales volume of 9000 units and continued to rank the first among Chinese brands. It is not known how many JAC trucks were sold in Chile this year.

One of the best-selling models, the HFC1040, equipped with the Ancon Power 2.7CTI engine, 6-speed aluminum transmission and vacuum radial tires, has become the segment leader. The products are favored by customers because they meet the requirements of different customers and deliver high quality. In recent years, JAC has expanded its cooperation with Volkswagen and made a breakthrough in new energy commercial vehicles.

As "the Most Preferred Chinese Auto Brand", JAC aims to bring better products and green electric light trucks to Chile users in the future.

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