FOTON Mexico EVolves a Better World

October 08,2022

MEXICO -- On 5th October, the Expo Transporte ANPACT 2022 was held at Puebla Exhibitor Center in Mexico. It will last for 3 days. As the largest stage for manufacturers of vehicles and products related to the auto transport industry in America, the Expo Transporte ANPACT is considered one of the largest globally.

Themed as “EVolve a better world”, FOTON exhibited the transport mobility solutions with its heavy-duty truck, light-duty truck, vans, mini truck and new energy vehicles. In the last year as a growth of more than 100% in sales with over 2000 units delivered, FOTON has achieved a huge growth in Mexico. There are already more than 120 employees in the four work centers: assembly plant, corporate offices in Mexico City, in the parts distribution center (QIPEI) and in the administrative facilities in Guadalajara, with the aim of continue to specify the structure of an established brand fully committed to the Mexican market; as well as, enhance the performance of each work area of the company.

In recent months, the EST-A model was relaunched, which corresponds to the brand's tractor to position it as the new diamond of the long-distance highway. Also, the new versions in which it will be available for the Mexican market were presented; Liquefied natural gas (LNG) Cummins 15 NN engine and the second option with a higher capacity engine, Cummins X13 so that carriers have greater towing capacity on all their roads.

Foton Mexico New Energy Solutions announced at the Expo. Mr. Gao Yi, VP of Foton International, General Manager of New Energy Vehicle Business & Europe Business presented the proposal to contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions in the transportation sector, specifically for Mexico and LATAM. the electric range is made available, which includes Heavy duty truck, light duty truck, mini trucks, vans, and EV buses. Actually, as a forerunner of commercial vehicle electrification, FOTON has delivered over 1000 units of electric buses to India. FOTON has won tenders of around 1400 units of electric buses in Chile, which has made FOTON the largest Electric Bus fleet in Latin America. In addition, FOTON eletric trucks and vans have already gotten EU WVTA certificate. Gao Yi emphasized that, In 2025, FOTON EV sales target in global market is 100,000 units, and 25 EV models will be launched in the next in Latin America.

José Manuel Armenta, general director of FOTON México, communicated the next steps to expand distributor network. In addition, the next inauguration of the Parts Distribution Center was announced, its new location will be in Querétaro with a space three times larger than that in Zapopan, Jalisco. It will be possible to ensure the supply of spare parts throughout the country.

FOTON MILER the new generation business truck was announced at the Expo. Based on urban logistics, Miler represents FOTON's understanding of the new needs in the industry. It suits the personality and preferences of young people, uses popular elements to create a stylish model. In addition, there is no worry when driving MILER in the city. MILER can easily pass through the 2200mm basement height limit bar without fear of getting stuck. With a 5.1m turning radius, you can easily make a single turn on a community or country road without worrying about roadside plants. The 1,950mm wide truck only needs one parking space, so there is no need to worry about not having enough maneuvering space, whether it is a narrow city street or a winding road. of mountain, the Foton Miler can circulate with ease and park freely. The 4 highlights of Stylish, Flexibility, Performance and Toughness make MILER the first choice of the urban “last mile” and guarantee profitability to all types of business.

As a leading new energy commercial vehicle manufacturer, FOTON has mastered the basic technologies of batteries, motors and electronic control systems, and developed multiple technology routes such as pure electricity and hydrogen fuel. So far, FOTON new energy vehicles have established presence in India, Egypt, Malta, New Zealand, Australia, etc., working for the public transport networks, schools, airports, etc., fully showcasing their high reliability and technological strengths. Technology and innovation are a boost for business development and growth motivators for the industry. In Latin America, FOTON will lead the development of the industry with innovative technology and green logistics equipment, promotes the globalization of new energy commerical vehicle solutions.

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