SACI Hongyan Delivers 160 Electric Trucks to Masteel Group Logistics

July 11,2022

CHINA -- Masteel Group Logistics has recently taken delivery of its first 160 all-electric and zero-emission trucks from SAIC Hongyan. These electric trucks will help it to transform to green logistics and mark the beginning of its partnership with SAIC Hongyan in green logistics.

The majority of the trucks delivered were Hongyan GENLYON H6 all-electric trucks, which consume only around 1.25kWh per kilometre, 10% less than that of its competitors. With a maximum climbability of more than 25%, it can handle complex road conditions with confidence. In addition, the truck offers high-strength beams, multi-gear suspension options, high-load axle options and lightweight power cell systems to better meet the demands of customers for carrying higher-capacity loads.

Thanks to their cost-effectiveness, high power and high reliability, these Hongyan trucks are best suited for Masteel's logistics applications and will support Masteel's upgrade to clean energy.

With the delivery of this batch of vehicles and the deepening of the partnership between the two sides, the construction of an environmentally friendly steel plant at Masteel is also being accelerated.

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