FOTON Introduces Fully-electric, Commercial Trucks at IFAT in Munich, Germany

June 15,2022

MUNICH, GERMANY -- On June 3, 2022, the IFAT exhibition officially kicked off in Munich, Germany. At the Expo, FOTON unveiled its much anticipated, fully-electric commercial trucks - IBLUE T5 and IBLUE ST7. This marks the official entry of the Chinese commercial truck manufacturer into the European market, thus becoming a global player.

The IBLUE T5 and IBLUE T7S on display are designed for special purpose vehicles according to European standards and adapted to the special needs of the European market. During the expo, FOTON also introduced its 16 tonnes as well as a 6 tonnes chassis, which were developed specifically for special-purpose vehicles and came with a payload of 9.5 tonnes and 3.5 tonnes, respectively.

6-tonnes chassis is a multifunctional chassis that can be customized to fit different tops such as flatbeds, tarpaulins, cranes or cooling containers. The chassis is powered by CATL battery, which includes a cooling and heating system to ensure the battery’s safety and service life. The latest safety technologies such as AEBS, LDWS and advanced auxiliary braking systems are also available on the chassis, allowing you to drive with ease. In addition, it comes with a CCS2 fast and slow charging system that meets European standards, thus offering solutions for different charging requirements.

16-ton chassis is developed for special-purpose vehicles as well and gets a design with the battery in the back. A wide variety of bodies may be mounted such as garbage trucks, sweepers, sewer cleaning trucks, mobile cranes, construction machinery or tractor head. If customers require high passability and long range, corresponding solutions are also available.

The debut at the IFAT is the first step for FOTON to enter the European market and will be followed by the launch of a full range of NEV products, including city bus/coach, municipal sanitation vehicle, urban distribution vehicle, end-to-end logistics and trunk logistics trucks. In the future, FOTON Motor will make the concept of environmental protection embodied in each vehicle through continuous technology innovation.

In the European market, not only the premium products have been launched by FOTON, but also the parts and after-sales service network and training center are expected to be set up in Germany, Italy and Poland to provide guarantee for local operation.

The expo drew much attention of customers worldwide, especially from Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Estonia, Poland, Israel and Turkey, who spoke highly of the FOTON products.

New energy vehicles are a major trend for future development with the arrival of the great wave of carbon neutrality. The NEV markets are expected to see a robust growth with policies being introduced one after another in Europe. To stay in line with the development trend, FOTON Motor will speed up to open up the new energy market in Europe and help to achieve carbon neutral goals with its premium products.

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