HONGYAN GENHOO H6 E-dumper Clears You of Concerns about Driving Range

May 09,2022

With China's 'double carbon' driving demand for electric trucks, HONGYAN GENHOO H6 electric dumper, specifically developed for applications in mines, steel mills, ports and power plants, enjoys increasingly popularity for its long range, high intelligence, and combined battery charging & swapping.

Driving range has always been a headache for electric truck users. To solve this problem, Hongyan equips its GENHOO H6 with a 282kW-h power battery to increase its range to 200km and empowers it with SAIC's advanced technologies.

It only takes 40 minutes to charge to 80% in the fast charging mode and 3 to 5 minutes to complete the battery swapping. This avoids the problem of spending a long time waiting for it to be charged, which severely affects operational efficiency.

Hongyan GENHOO H6 electric dump truck is also equipped with Internet Heavy Truck 3.0 system, which integrates Tencent ecosystem, multi-wheel voice interaction, domestic leading commercial vehicle navigation map, active noise reduction technology, cargo box load monitoring and other Internet technologies by connecting business data sources, combining vehicle networking big data. It provides an Internet application ecology for commercial vehicle owners, fleet managers, drivers and cargo owners, which can significantly improve fleet management efficiency, reduce vehicle operation costs and realize safe, convenient, intelligent and humanized services.

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