XCMG Secures a Purchase Order for 200 Units XG90 Dump Trucks

February 14,2020

The beginning of 2020 was a good one for XCMG. Recently, XCMG announced receipt of a purchase order from its regular customer for 200 units of XG90 wide-body dump trucks.

Through XCMG’s sustained efforts, the quality of XG90 has been widely recognized by global customers. It is now built on the new generation of HAVAN platform with a loading capacity of 60 tons. By pairing to an automatic transmission and fluid torque converter, the engine is able to produce a claimed 430 horsepower.

With a high degree of modularity, XG90 has the advantages of easy maintenance and low cost. XG90 will become the ideal truck model for mining-haul application based on improved comfort, high loading capacity and reliability.

Source : www.chinatrucks.com

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