Mr.JAC of Light Duty Truck Started Their China Tour

November 28,2019

Recently, the most beautiful truck driver of 2019 "MR.JAC" event has just finished in Chile in South America on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. Three truck drivers, Cesar Echeverria, Adan Muoz, and Alberto Barraza, stood out from more than 1,500 participators by sharing their stories with JAC, and gained the opportunity to travel to China.
Mr.JAC of Light Duty Truck Started Their China Tour

The three Chilean truck drivers flew more than 20,000 kilometers to visit the Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group in Hefei, China. They also had a deep understanding of the strength of JAC.

JAC has entered the Chilean market for 10 years, and JAC commercial vehicle sales in Chile have exceeded 8,000 units. In Chile, one out of every three narrow-body trucks comes from JAC. JAC has been ranked first in the Chilean narrow-body model segment for nine consecutive years. During Mr.JAC China Tour, three Chile truck drivers visited the great mountains and rivers of China, experienced the traditional Chinese culture, also walked into the JAC and visited the world-class factories to learn more about JAC. When talking about the feelings of this trip, they all mentioned a word: shock. This is not only impressed by the profound and long-standing Chinese culture, but also felt after visiting JAC. So let us walk into them and listen to the story between them and JAC.

Mr.JAC of Light Duty Truck Started Their China Tour

JAC Commercial Vehicle has entered the Chilean market for many years. With the high-end brand image and reliable product quality, it has been recognized by drivers in Chile and has accumulated many loyal users. Cesar Echeverria is one of them.

Cesar Echeverria is from Cobia, the northern city of Chile. He is a loyal JAC user who is engaged in mechanical transportation. The high cost performance and comprehensive after-sales service of JAC commercial vehicles are the reasons why he has continued to trust and choose JAC for many years. At present, he owns a total of five JAC commercial vehicles. Accompanied by JAC commercial vehicles, he ran almost all streets in the local area. He is very honored to be invited to China by JAC this time. He has seen a lot of historical Chinese traditional culture and architecture, and he has also felt the powerful strength of JAC. This will be an unforgettable experience in his life.

Mr.JAC of Light Duty Truck Started Their China Tour

Adan Muoz is an old friend of JAC Commercial Vehicles and works on road maintenance in Chile. From the purchase of the first JAC commercial vehicle 8 years ago to the holding of 15 units this year, Adan said that JAC has never let him down, and he also personally felt the continuous upgrade of the hardware and service of JAC commercial vehicles during years of use. This trip let him see JAC's brand strength and technical level. Thinking of the high-tech and perfect system behind the product, he has more confidence in his future transportation business. He said he hoped that he could establish a strategic cooperation alliance with JAC and become stronger in the local logistics field.

Mr.JAC of Light Duty Truck Started Their China Tour

Alberto Barraza is JAC's new friend in Chile. He said that when he first tested a JAC commercial vehicle, he felt the difference: whether it is the adaptability, driving experience or the control over details, JAC commercial vehicles are far beyond other similar products, because of this Alberto also has a feeling of "wishing meeting earlier”. JAC commercial vehicles are highly reliable and able to adapt to a variety of working conditions, which is very practical for him engaged in earthmoving and mechanical transportation. This year, Alberto has purchased four JAC commercial vehicles constantly. Talking about the future planning of his truck group, Alberto stated that he plans to purchase another 22 JAC commercial vehicles in the next 4 years, and replace all other trucks in his group with JAC commercial vehicles to form a professional engineering transportation group with strong performance and reliable quality.

The most beautiful Truck Driver "MR.JAC" event of 2019 has come to an end in South America, and this trip to China also finished perfectly. The award ceremony of the third season finals of JAC light truck and the most beautiful truck driver will also be held in Hefei, Anhui. The drivers in the finals will compete for driving control skills on the spot and go after the 100,000 yuan final prize. What wonderful pictures will there be then? There will be much more to expect!

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