JAC Reveals New Trucks with National VI Emission Standards in Shenzhen

November 27,2019

On November 24, JAC held a press conference in Shenzhen, officially revealing its new trucks with National VI Emission Standards.
JAC Reveals New Trucks with National VI Emission Standards in Shenzhen

As one of the leading players in China’s high-end light truck market, JAC now boasts Shuailing, Junling and Kangling light trucks with National VI Emission Standards. Equipped with Cummins and Ruijiete power engines, its newly developed trucks features lower body weights and higher intelligence.

Shuailing Q3, Q6 and Q7 light trucks are equipped with Ruijiete 2.2 CTI, Anhui Cummins 3.0CTI and Cummins 4.0 engines respectively. In full compliance with National VI Emission Standards, these trucks deliver impressively powerful performances. Their JAC chassis plus reinforced steel structures help these trucks achieve higher stability and competitive loading capacity. With high energy efficiency, they are readily adaptable to various working conditions.

JAC Reveals New Trucks with National VI Emission Standards in Shenzhen

Junling V5 and V6 trucks, equipped with Anhui Cummins engines, have greatly improved their power performances. Adopting 180 reinforced steel structures, they drive smoothly and achieve higher maneuverability. Thanks to the use of aluminum alloy materials, they two vehicles are ideal choices for urban logistic services.

Kangling J5 is equipped with Ruijiete 2.2CTI diesel engine with National VI Emission Standards. Thanks to its turbo pressure technology, the vehicle is able to achieve a maximum torque of 320 N.m. With the sixth generation JAC driver’s cockpit, constant speed cruising, an onboard computer, the vehicle has an accumulated testing mileage of one million kilometers.

JAC X5 truck is highly maneuverable. With 1.6L JAC engine with a power of 88 kw and a maximum torque of 155 N.m, ABS, disc braking, backing camera, the truck has already passed collision tests.

With more customized features, JAC light trucks are highly durable and fully ensure the profitability of truck operators. They can fully meet diversified requirements of various customers.

Anhui Cummins B series engines, including B3.0, B4.0 and B4.5, help JAC light trucks achieve high fuel economy and reliability.

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