JAC Gallop A5 4×2 Cargo Truck

December 08,2023      chinatrucks.com


Content Validity:If you are looking for a truck suitable for express transport. We got this JAC Gallop A5 4×2 cargo truck for you because it is powerful yet fuel-efficient, with super load-carrying capacity.

The vehicle's design is optimized to lower the chassis, thus leaving more space for the cargo box within a 4-meter height limit on road.

The cargo box measures 10×2.48×3m inside, with a loading capacity up to 74.4m³.

In addition, as a 4×2 single-axle drive vehicle, it delivers lower operating costs.

With regard to power, it is equipped with a Anhui Cummins 4.5Fe engine that produces a power of 240HP and torque 850Nm, mated to a 8-speed manual transmission and single-stage reduction axle.

It can meet the transport needs of different segments such as express and parts delivery for efficiency.

Other notable features include daytime running lights, electrically heated mirrors, LED headlamps, tire pressure monitoring, Flat tire emergency device, ESC, AEBS, Ventilation heating seat, parking heater and multi-function steering wheel.

All of these features will offer a better riding experience for urban transportation.

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