Hongyan Launched Its Most Powerful NG Truck

November 13,2023      chinatrucks.com


Content Validity:With a focus on industry trends, Hongyan is commited to improving cost efficiency and promoting green growth. On November 8, Hongyan brought the most powerful NG trucks and smart EV on display at CCVS. The newly launched NG trucks include GENLYON H6 and C6P models. 
The truck is powered by a 13L or 15L engine which is paired with an AMT transmission.
It covers a wide power range from 500hp to 590HP and has a gas cylinder with 1350L and 1500L capacity. With its high power, low fuel consumption and lightweight design, it is an ideal for long haul transport of gravel and coal.Also Hongyan's smart EV made its debut at the expo.
Equipped with a 350 kWh battery, the electric vehicle offers customers the lowest power consumption of 1.5kwh/km.A variety of intelligent technologies were used on the trucks, including integrated Intelligent Control Technology, FOTA available for all series, Cloud Data Scene Understanding, Power Smart Computing, and Smart Scene Adaptive (SSA) Technology. Energy recovery rate is up to 70%. With economy,high power and high loading capacity, it offers a new option for green transport of resuources. 
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