FOTON Mars 7 Pickup, Perfect for Outdoor and Off-road Sports

June 30,2023


Content Validity:At first sight, it looks quite big. Mars 7 pickup is a product built with FIA architecture. It can be operated with different powertrains, including hydrogen fuel cell, pure electric and hybrid.

It measures 5.8 meters in length, 2.1 meters in width with a wheelbase of 3.5meters. Such a large size makes it look very aggressive. let's take a look at its front face.

The Mars 7 pickup adopts the front grille design language of "Starship Armor", which has a strong sense of power. LED lamps on both sides, L-shaped daytime running lights, all in a simple and modern style.

The rearview mirror is fitted under the window to minimize blind spots. And a leaping waistline extends all the way to the rear wheel eyebrow. Mars 7 pickup comes standard with 2-5-6 tyres. But this one is fitted with 2-8-5 off-road tyres. What about its interior beneath the wild exterior?

now we are inside the Mars 7 pickup. It is very quiet inside. That’s because the Mars 7 pickup has undergone upgrades in NVH performance. It can achieve a 30% reduction in vibration while being in motion.

It’s fitted with 12.3-inch LCD screen, 14.6-inch HD center console display. With regard to security, dual airbags, side air curtain, seat belts with pretensioners, side airbags are all available. It also supports L2 intelligent driving assistance. Transparent chassis that many people like can also be fitted on this vehicle. Now let's go and see its second row.

Let's take a look at its space. For a big guy like me with a height of 1.88m, there is still enough space in the second row. We can see that there is space left for the legs and the head. Meanwhile, a variety of configurations are available in the second row. Things like air conditioning vents, USB interface, headrests are all available. Leather seats are very soft and comfortable, especially in summer.

Strong power is essential for a pickup. The Mars 7 is equipped with a 48 Volt diesel hybrid power system as standard, mated to a 6-speed manual transmission or an 8-speed automatic transmission. They have been designed to be more lightweight, more flexible, efficient and economical. If you enjoy outdoor pursuits and off-road fun, this pickup truck will offer all you need with impressive capability, space, and performance.

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