Jiefang Medium Electric Drive Axle Rolled off the Line

June 28,2023      chinatrucks.com


Content Validity:On June 26, Jiefang medium-size electric drive axle officially rolled off the line. This electric drive axle has a rated axle load of 13 tons, a peak output torque of 31 thousand Newton meter and offers a motor power density of 4kW/kg. It can be widely used in various application scenarios, such as medium-duty sanitation vehicle, logistics vehicle, heavy-duty 6×4 tractor, buses and suspension structure. It has 8 drive modes and can realize alternate operation of two motors to improve efficiency by 4.3%. According to estimates, its power consumption can be reduced by 9%. It is designed to be lightweight, weighing only 850 kg, which reduces the weight while freeing up space within the frame. With excellent performance, long oil change intervals and free maintenance, it will bring new forces to the development of Jiefang’s new energy sector.
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