FOTON AMTs Debut Globally

June 22,2023


Content Validity:On June 16 , FOTON launched its all series automatic transmissions in Jiaxing, to help logistics sector enter into the era of automatic transmission. Changrui, chairman of FOTON said that auto industry is accelerating the transition to automatic transmissions, FOTON will make a quick adjustment to its strategy. By 2025, Foton aims to increase the share of AMT products to 50 percent, with 80 percent of automatic transmissions for heavy-duty trucks and 50 percent for medium and light-duty trucks. By 2030, this share will be further increased to 90%. In addition, FOTON will jointly develop automatic products with ZF based on hybrid technology. At the event, Foton released a full range of automatic transmissions for heavy- medium- and light-duty commercial vehicles, including Auman, Aumark, Ollin light truck, MARS pickup truck and SPVs, covering all application scenarios and working conditions.
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