680HP SHACMAN X6000 Specifically Designed for Efficient Logistics

June 01,2023      chinatrucks.com


Content Validity:As the demands for timeliness in the logistics sector continued to grow, high horsepower trucks are becoming increasingly popular in the market. In this context, SHACMAN launched a 680HP flagship model with brand new interior, attracting a great deal of attention.

SHACMAN X6000 flagship version is powered by the world's first Weichai WP15H engine with a thermal efficiency of exceeding 52.25%. It can produce a maximum output of 680hp and deliver a maximum torque of up to 3,200 Nm. With the 16-speed FAST AMT transmission, it achieves a transmission efficiency of 99.8%. High transmission efficiency and excellent shift schedule reduce the possibility of “out of gear” and unsuitable gear changes. It features HANDE H series rear axles, with an axle speed ratio of 2.533. Its efficiency can reach 98.8% in powered cruising mode of operation. It offers a minimum B-10 bearing life of 1.8 million KM. High-horsepower engines combined with direct-shift gearboxes and small-ratio rear axles are perfectly suited to the requirements of customers for trunk transport. Meanwhile, it has two large fuel tanks with a total capacity of 1,000 litres and can run for 3,000 kilometres.
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