J7, Jiefang's 7TH Generation of Heavy-duty Truck

May 17,2023      chinatrucks.com


Content Validity:J7, FAW Jiefang’s seventh generation of heavy-duty truck, was launched in 2018. Featuring high reliability, safety, low carbon emissions and intelligence, Jiefang J7 is China's most advanced heavy-duty truck for the modern, highly efficient logistics market in China. In the year 2023, it offers three new variants for the J7 model. With Aluminium alloy beam and integrated cast frame, its B10 life can reach up to 1.5 million kilometers, reaching the highest standard in the international market. Equipped with Aowei 15 liter 660HP engine, J7 truck can achieve a maximum torque of 3200 N.m, making it the most powerful truck currently produced by Jiefang.
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