JAC i3-T330 Full Electric Pickup+Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries

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Technical Parameter
Model JAC i3-T330 Full Electric Pickup
Product Description

Built on the huge success of Shuailing T6, i3-T330 is equipped with a 110 kw electric motor and achieves a maximum torque of 330 N.m. Unlike a fossil-fuel powered pickup, the vehicle has its electric motor mounted between its front and rear axle.

With two rows of seats, Shuailing i3-T330 has a container measuring 1,810 mm in length, 1,520 mm in width and 960mm in height.

Powered by lithium iron phosphate batteries, which are located in two battery cases on both sides of the chassis, Shuailing i3-T330 has a battery power storage of 60.858 kWh and is able to drive 265 km continuously.

Another highlight of the vehicle is that it can reach 80% of its full power storage level after being recharged for 90 minutes.

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