JAC Shuailing i6 Electric Van

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Technical Parameter
Model JAC Shuailing i6 Electric Van
Curb Weight(kg) 3225
Wheelbase(mm) 3570
Tire Front 215/75 R16LT Rear 195/75 R16LT
Max Speed(km/h) 100(km/h)
Overall Dimensions(mm) 5995×2098×2645
Gross Weight(kg) 4495
Product Description

​Pure Electric Driving Distrance (km)/NEDC Working Condition: 215
Pure Electric Driving Distrance (km)/Constant Speed 40km/h Working Condition: 396
0-50km/h Acceleration Time: <15
Max Gradeability(%): 20
Rate/Peak Power(kW): 60/120
Rated/Peak Torque (Nm): 400/750
Rated/Peak Speed (rpm): 1400/4500
Cooling Method: Water Cooling
Battery Type: Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
Rated Voltage(V): 384
Working Voltage Range(V): 300~438
Total Energy(kwh): 82.944
Alternating Current (Slow Charging Time) (h): 12
Direct Current (Fast Charging Time) (h): 1.5
Minumium Ground Clearance (mm): 155
Minumium Turning Radius (m): 7
Front/Rear Tread (mm): 1760/1645
Front/Rear Overhangs (mm): 965/1460
Final Drive Reducer: 4.875

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